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Phyllis Smart Owner/Operator of Level Up Beauty Bar Phyllis's vision for Level Up Beauty Bar is to provide outstanding services in a relaxed professional environment. Level Up Beauty Bar is based on the belief that fine furnishings, tranquil surroundings and quality service promote long-term relationships with valued clientele. Phyllis believes that the client consultation is paramount to achieving complete satisfaction. She is on the cutting edge of providing an ultimate Experience to the clients served. Phyllis passion for perfection drives her attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

About LEVEL UP Beauty Bar

A Leading Beauty Shop in Fairfax, SC.

Considered to be a leading Beauty Bar, LEVEL UP Beauty Bar has made a breakthrough in the industry since its founding in 2018. Established on the foundations of dedication and commitment, LEVEL UP Beauty Bar provides exceptional beauty products, services, and expertise to a wide range of clients.

Our team of beauty professionals are here to address all your beauty needs, making sure you walk out satisfied with your next purchase. . Come into the shop for a chance to view our full selection. Make sure you walk out satisfied with your experience. 

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